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Following applications and services allow you to access RSS feeds on your handheld devices.

litefeeds is a very powerful and efficient RSS reader for your phone, Blackerry, Palm or Pocket PC. It features cached, compressed and fast access to your feeds, allows you to synchronize with your online subscriptions and provides some unique features such as full article viewing (not just RSS), article clipping and sharing and viewing of Flickr and Buzznet photos. Excellent!

Yahoo! Mobile allows you to read the RSS news feeds that you've subscribed to in your My Yahoo! page from your mobile phone's minibrowser.

Bloggo is an RSS feed reader for WAP 2.0-capable phones. It was one of the first mobile RSS feed readers available. Simple but still very useful.

FoCuS is an application for downloading RSS contents from the Web and displaying them on mobile devices.

Mobile RSS Reader is an application for mobile phones that supports MIDP 1.0. With the Mobile RSS Reader you can read RSS feeds.

BeetzStream SmartRss is an RSS reader and podcast manager for MS Windows based smartphones.

NewsBreak is a rss feed reader for Pocket PCs and Microsoft Smartphones, featuring alerts and automatic updates through Wi-Fi or ActiveSync.

Bloglines Mobile provides PDA access to your Bloglines aggregated feeds.

Feedalot is a portable News Reader. It allows you to keep up-to-date with all your favorite sites and RSS feeds, as well as manage your feeds, find new feeds, and share items with friends. Not only does Feedalot allows you to manage your feeds, but it is also accessible via wireless phone or PDA. The service checks regularly all your RSS feeds and displays the latest news in a simple interface, anytime, anywhere.

NewsMob is a web-based RSS & Atom News Aggregator. It works with your existing Desktop, Palm, Pocket PC, and Mobile Phone web browser, sync or live, to provide you access to your news anytime, anywhere!

FreeNews is mobile RSS service for phones and PDAs. It allows you to subscribe to feeds via a website which then maintains all your correct subscriptions. When you connect from the phone, FreeNews copies down to your phone only the new articles. All data transfers are compressed as well, keeping the downloads amazingly fast and responsive. The best part is that you can then read all your feeds, from your phone, while on a plane or underground in the subway - all article and summary information is already on your phone. FreeNews also includes a built in text only browser for reading the full story from the RSS feed without all the additional HTML.

Piconews is a mobile RSS reader for Blackberry.

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