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FeedBurner helps publishers manage the technical complexities of RSS, while offering tools to help increase awareness and reach, track circulation and usage. Whether you write a simple, personal weblog or manage a large industry content destination site, you probably have a vital interest in learning more about your readership over time. To date, understanding readership in your syndicated feed(s) has been a difficult challenge. However, by publishing your feed(s) through FeedBurner, you gain access all kinds of cool services to help you publicize, optimize, analyze and monetize your feeds.

Among other things, FeedBurner provides statistics on feed or on post level, adding related Amazon links to (some of) your feed items and splicing Flickr photos or del.icio.us/Furl links in your feed.

Blogarithm lets you easily manage all the blogs (or any other pages you'd like!) that you track. Any time one or more of the blogs you read changes, you'll get BlogMail - a morning email listing all your blogs that have new content - including excerpts when available! When you sign up to receive Blogmail, you'll get an email every day with links to the blogs you like that have been updated during the previous day.

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